domenica 31 maggio 2009

My first blogging day...

Hi My name is Lalla,

I am five years old and I am Evilla's daughter, since I cannot write yet, mom is writing for me.
This blog is going to show you my first steps in the world of creation.
I hope you enjoy my work and that you leave me a comment that my mom will read for me!
Thanks for visiting...

Today's update is "taking pictures in the garden"...I have taken all the pictures without help choosing the subject all by myself.


3 commenti:

  1. Hello Lalla,
    You are very good at choosing pictures to take! I like all of your pictures of your garden- very pretty. I am glad you have a blog so that I can see the nice things you make. Hope you have a fun week!

    Kim in Minnesota in the usa :)

  2. Bravissima Lalla, sei molto più brava di me a foografare e sei stata bravssima a scegiere i soggetti. Tanti tanti complimenti Rosanna

  3. Stupenda l'idea di un blog a misura di bimba.La creatività, come la classe, non è acqua e viene trasportata dai geni.
    Un bacio alla tua piccola e auguri per il suo futuro da blogger.